The Entropia Pathfinder's Academy: "The Pledge"

     The Pledging phase is the trial period before you have officially joined The Pathfinders Academy. 

During this phase we are getting to know you and you should be getting to know us. 

 It is important for you join our Entropia Pathfinder's Team in game and use the team chat channel to communicate with us  when you are in game so we can guide you, assist you when your in need, and  help keep you on track until you are more comfortable ands self sufficient.

During this trial period  you will learn a great deal of the basics.  We have found that individuals  who can not, or are not willing to accomplish these goals rarely survive in the Entropia Universe and we believe it is best if you get a feel for the amount and type of work your in store for if you decide to try and make it here. 

       During your Pledging phase you will be given a set of tasks to accomplish. 

These tasks will be accomplished before, and  while you complete the Alpha Mission.  

For you seasoned gamers you can think of it as your first Quest.  

Requirements to Join the Entropia Pathfinder's Academy 

Tasks to be completed: 




Read The Pathfinder's Oath

Read the MENTOR/DISCIPLE Description page.

Download and Install the third party software: Ventrilo.   Then Log in one time to our Ventrilo server.  
 It is not required that you actually use Ventrilo to complete your trainin.  We at least want you to log in one time and give it a try.  
No  microphone is required.  You may simply log in and listen with a set of headphones or speakers.
Bookmark these three popular Entropia Universe resource websites

Once you have completed the pre-requisites, It is time to prove yourself.

The final step in being accepted into The Academy is to complete:



  1. Anytime you  sit down to play, you have a spiral bound notebook and to keep good notes on and a calculator.

  2. Paper works best for fast note taking as electronic media can be hard to access while in game.  

  3. We recommend  as the best resource for getting most of your information.